About my love for female exhibitionist

This blog is about my love for exhibitionist females. I just adore female exhibitionists, those I know and those I want to know. I realise that people who read this, might think I am a freak with nothing else on my mind. To them I say: eventhough this blog mainly is about this subject, there is more than meets the eye. But than again, this blog is only about my fetish. I do not have any other purpose with this blog than connecting with people (especially women) that meet my interests.

Location: Netherlands

My profile shows almost only sexual interests. I'am much more than that, but I started this blog for one purpose only: my sexual fetish for female exhibitionists. So I am not narrow minded to this subject only, but my blog is. The rest of me is not important for this blog, because I probably not going to write about it anyway (here).

06 November, 2006


Why is everything gone?

23 May, 2006

Blogger sucks sometimes/ nudes wanted

Okay, I promised all millions of visitors, I would only write about my love for female exhibitionists. But what about finding these female exhibitionists?
Allright, we can add some keywords and find other blogs with the same interests, ehm do we?
Almost every blog has recent posts, at least these results say... well that might be true if you like to believe that is still June 2004 (which often is the last update of these blogs), but if you are living in the present you know better than that.
And so I spend hours visiting several abandoned blogs, and even worse: many blogs I will never find because blogger does not show their results because it is way to busy with showing old results from the modern middle ages.

So where are these blogging (female) exhibitionists, strippers, nude models, cam girls etc that I adore so much, and who write about their lifes, their feelings while doing what they do, and take me virtually to their world?

22 May, 2006

Not overwhelming, but nice

About two weeks ago the weather was nice. So sunbathing was a good option to spend my time.
I went to nearby lake and was lying there for a few hours. Most people were already gone home, when a young couple arrived and started te get their clothes of. They went naked into the water, and went out within about 3 minutes (the water was still cold).
Than she started dancing round naked for about a minute or two on the grass , with a bicycle path running through it.
Het boyfriend must be so proud , at least I would.

I was dissapointed that I did not take my photocamera with me, which reminds me to buy a better lens for close ups.
Not that I would show you guys these photo's, they are just for my personal archive, my hall of fame.

08 May, 2006

Public sex (crazy for you baby!)

It was august 1994. I knew Andrea for about 2 years by then, but only saw her once or twice a year when she stayed a couple of days at her mothers house. She asked me to come on over to her place (a student room in a town about 125 miles from where I lived).
August is the hottest time of year in the Netherlands, and so were these days, and not only the weather was hot.

Andrea and Sofia (who lived at the same student house) were behaving like they just walked out of an Aerosmith videoclip (you know those clips with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone: crazy etc). At almost any time of day they were teasing, showing ass, pussy and tits or doing “inappropriate suggestions” , which were appropriate to me of course. It was almost as if I was dreaming. Man, how could this happen to me, until then I did not know these kind of women existed. I had to wear a blindfold, before they jerked me off. I guess they liked it because I was not used this stuff, probably my “innocence” made them do more than they would have done with anybody else.

Anyway, the next day I woke up, the girls were already awake and were sitting in their underwear in Sofia’s room, talking to some bloke who lived there as well. After he left, I saw something naughty in Sofia’s eyes. Sofia who actually looked a bit like Alicia Silverstone, suggested to go to the balcony but first I had to take my pants off. Usually I would refuse off course, I love exhibitionist women, but I am not that much of an exhibitionist myself… but by the look in her eyes I knew that was not an option if I wanted to have a great time.

The balcony was at the front of the house, with a view on one of the most crowded streets in town. Nevertheless nobody on the streets could actually see our lower body parts, but those who would watch would know what we were doing by the movements of our bodies.
But of course there were not only people on the streets, there were at least about 60 houses at the other side of the street from which easily 20 had a full view on our naked lower body parts (or should I say on my dick and her pussy). There we were, doing it doggie style. Her buttocks were like soft peaches, and still I regret that I only discovered later that rimming a female’s (clean of course) butt hole turns me on big time as the best foreplay I can imagine.
Exited I watched the windows on the other site of the street and hoped that they would at least see her pussy, as she was the one bottomless in the frontline.
Andrea was making sure that people actually noticed that something was going on, as she was yelling and supporting us loud.

It only took us about five minutes to reach an orgasm simultaneously (yes, it really happens sometimes). Had I ever known that this would not only been the first time, but also the last time I would go all the way with Sofia (after that she felt guilty because of her boyfriend who was abroad for a few months), then I probably would have tried to postpone our orgasms.

I stayed for 2 more days, having the time of my life but none of these days were as good as the first one and a half.

I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy
You turn it on
Then you're gone
Yeah you drive me
Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby
What can I do, honey
I feel like the color blue...

This text might be re-written in a couple of days. The facts remain the same, as it is a true happened story, but the style of telling it (writing it down) is due to my feelings of “good writing” (at least for as good as I can in English).

28 April, 2006

The resurrection of Venus

How much less in enough for the both of us
if even your voice is stripped from its curtains?
When clouds have passed and the only thing remained
is you naked without a shelf?
Voices are hidden in the backside of a thousand eyes
strengthened and killed at the same time
by the buttocks of youth, walking proud beside me in
this neon lightened atmosphere that only supermarkets
could permit. Wounded without any soul to take for only
the rose in my heart.

My first poem in English. Probably there are some mistakes, as English is not my native language. Found something that is not correct English, please tell me.

17 April, 2006

This is when it all started

August 1997.

Foreword: I rewrote this blog on April 28.
The story you are about to read, has really happened to me. For privacy reasons, I did however change names of people involved. After all, they did not ask for this “report.”
Although this was not really the first time I had a “girlfriend” that was nude in public, neither was it the first time I got interested in public nudity… but it was the first time that it was so overwhelming, that it completely took my breath away. It was the first time I realized that having a girlfriend (or later a wife?) being nude in public was more than just a horny making thrill, and that being in control of the situation is not the most exiting part. Ooh yeah, this was the time I really realized I was addicted to be with a woman that was nude in public.

A girl I knew, was staying for a week, let’s call her Andrea (for privacy reasons I will not give her real name). I knew her for about 5 years. She looked good but there was more about her, she was the type of girl who had a sort of animal attraction over her. Half long brown hair, a not so innocent look in her green eyes en might I say.. a lustful smile.
Since the first day I met her, I could see she was special. She could get man crazy with het intentional and unintentional seduction. I guess she was a little bit crazy herself
, but in a nice way, whatever got to her mind she did and always knew how to involve her friends in it, just as she did a several years before with me and Sandra (another fictive name to protect the not so innocent) later I will tell you about that .

It was a hot afternoon, the day we were going to the local lake, as did thousands of others.
Off course she went topless, which about half of the Dutch girls do. That is something quite accepted in Europe. Andrea had small breasts, but enough for a hand full. We did swim and nothing happened out of the ordinary. She seemed only bothered about the fact that her bikini bikini did not dry quick enough. I saw something in her eyes that made me a little nervous.
She sat straight up, her hands were looking for her thong and as she began pulling her thong down I got more nervous and suggested it would probably be better that we moved to the nude beach, just 5 minutes walking from where we were lying, surrounded by at least 200 people who could see her.

Before she even answered, I saw that look in her eyes again, the look she had if she was excited and determined to do what she has on her mind. I started to get excited too, but still was a little bit bothered. What if this situation got out of control, what if police would show up, what if…oh hell, there was something very massive growing in my own swimming wear.
Andrea had a beautiful big labia, I knew everybody could see more than they could hope for.
As if it was not yet easy enough for people to look into it, she changed position turned a little bit and now she laid with her head on my belly, her legs were pointing at the beach itself.
She was the only person to be completely naked, and soon many men decided to go into the water but off course take the “tourist route.” Andrea closed her eyes and had a satisfied smile on her face. I at the other hand, only closed my eyes half and wouldn’t miss a thing.
I still felt anxious but it was mixed with being enormously proud of her (and proud of me, being the one that was with her), being horny and loving her more than I did ever before. Yes, heaven even could be found at the sandy beach of the local lake! It must have lasted at least one hour.

Back home we had the best sex, (at least) I have ever had. Without getting too much into details, she had several orgasms and I had even more. Until that moment I would never have thought that it was possible to have more than 3 orgasms in one hour.
Ever since then, I started fantasising of every girl I shared my bed with, being nude in public (at least once in a while, at least a little bit).
That's my story...what is your excuse?Ooh yeah!

16 April, 2006

I love double morality

Offcourse as an original Dutchy I should fight double morality, I did so, I lost and still I live.
Still, I'm starting to love those double standards more and more. It gives me inspiration to write (that is what I do, although mostly not in English), to think, to create. But what would I be, if there were no double standards, no moral issues that were interpreted by the same person in different ways, depending on how it affects themselves or others.

For example, I love public nudity. Not to be nude in public my self (I am a voyeur, hardly an exhibitionist myself) but I would like to see my (future) female partner like that. It would make me proud of her, make me love her even more, maybe.
But what if there was no religion? No old man in Rome who said that we should not be naked? What if everybody was naked?
For the answer I went to some naturist beaches. Did I get horny? No, everybody was naked, it was accepted, and seeing an attractive young woman did hardly turn me on, and if she did, it was more by my own fantasy than by her naked body.
Thank God for the double standards of religion. How ever could I love public nude women, if everybody was nude? Probably I would look for fully clothed women then, but what would be the fun about that?

Ow, what are these double standards of religion you ask.. Well, when Adam and Eve were close to God, they were naked. At the moment they did eat the apple, they felt ashamed of their nakedness. So, if someone is naked and is still not ashamed of it, they are probably clother to God (even if they are atheists) than all those people you can find on the front benches of all churches.
Thank God, thank religion.
Ooh yeah!

09 April, 2006

It is only me.

My God,

It is not only that I don't speak English well (I don't), but it is also because I am just an ordinary guy: Dutch (okay, that is strange, I admit), well educated, intelligent, caring... but I have a sexual preference that meets the extra ordinary. I just happen to love to see my (future female partner) nude in public.

Probably you will find it strange, most men think it is a nightmare if their wive or girlfriend would be seen naked by other men. Okay, if it is an ugly woman, I probably would give her a burqa at her birthday (maybe more than one), but if she is beautiful, she is free to show her body to the world. I would even be more proud if she was a professional stripper.

Ofcourse, there could be jeleousy. Most men like their women to be beautiful to impress other guys. But oh no, it may not be their wife or girlfriend herself that might impress other guys, no... they should be impressed by the man, that he has such a beautiful wife. I quess they are a bit gay, which would explain their competition. It's a little bit like: "respect me, adore me, for I have the most beautiful wife, but do not adore my wife for it, because than you have a big problem with my fists, mate.
So their wife should be clothed properly, other man should only catch a glimpse of their wives, just enough to know the man that has ("owns"?) her, is the greatest...but too little to know for them that she is the greatest herself.

That is were oppression towards women starts: don't be too sexy and don't be too unattractive, be who I want you to be, and be when I want you to be, and be prepared to change any moment I want you to, even when I do not mention it.

No, I am not like that. Probably you can say that I do her a favour, when I ask her to undress and go naked to a supermarket to get me a sixpack. Ooh yeah!